Blueprint For Exponential Sales Growth


Incremental Growth vs. Exponential Growth

While most every entrepreneur or consultant wants exponential sales growth, very few have a plan to achieve their goals. That is why you must have a Blueprint For Exponential Sales Growth. A Blueprint that lays out both the strategies and tactics that will guarantee that you will achieve your sales and revenue goals.

It is said that success leaves clues and the biggest clues left by wildly successful entrepreneurs and consultants is that they have positioned themselves and their company as leaders in the markets they serve.  Your customized Blueprint will allow you to properly position yourself as you attract prospects, convert those prospects into clients and retain those clients for years to come.

Prospecting Through Positioning

The path to Exponential Sales Growth starts with attracting new prospects. Prospecting has changed dramatically over the years. No longer can you depend on cold calling and networking to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects.


Exponential Sales Growth depends on attracting new prospects.  But instead of attracting any client, you need to position yourself so your prospects are predisposed, pre-interested, pre-motivated and prequalified to do business with you.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of tools and systems that will allow you continually fill your pipeline with the right prospects without ever having to cold call again.

Selling Through Positioning

The next step in Exponential Sales Growth is to convert your prospects into clients. How you are positioned in the sales process is critical to your success.


Like prospecting, selling has changed dramatically over the years.  In the past, the salesperson had all the knowledge regarding product, service, competition and price.  A potential client had to meet and engage with the salesperson to find out about a potential solution.  Today, the internet has flipped the advantage to the prospect.  In many cases, your prospect may have as much information as you have.

To deal with this incredible change, you must have a sales process that allows you effectively control the process.  A process that positions you as the expert and has prospects asking if they can become a client.


Retention Through Positioning

To achieve Exponential Sales Growth, not only must you add new clients, but you must retain your current clients. Retaining current clients will always provide your best ROI.

With competition as fierce as ever, you will no longer retain your clients because you promise timely response or good service.  It is critical that you have a retention strategy for every client.

A well thought out, well executed retention strategy will position you as the resource in your area of expertise.  This positioning will result in higher retention rates at higher margins.


Customized Blueprint

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